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Cool Vintage Cars That Will Give Your Big Day A Fascinating Event


This will help you on your big day to add more old-timey effect by renting old fashioned cars.


Of all wedding celebration most of the themes chosen by the couples are the vintage effect theme with Farm Tables. For some of the couple who chooses vintage wedding themes, the essence of the romanticism and a reference to an aged and therefore the true meaning of their theme is purely love. If you think of a vintage wedding theme, below may add to your recipe on vintage theme more about wedding transportation.


Old-timey minibus, vintage minibus is so hard to find, because only few of them are being restored, but once you find a bus there will be a good advantages hidden from it. The first advantage of the bus is its size, if the bus is big it can accommodate the whole bridal party or even it can accommodate guest. And the other benefit is renting a minibus can be pleasing and fun to ride with it as you go here to your wedding venue. Moreover, no more extra decorations be needed on the bus and works well with just a minimal decors.


Rustic pick-up truck, renting a rustic pick-up truck is a good choice if your wedding theme effect would be a wonderful country side effect. Rustic pick-up truck also has this large capacity and can accommodate you bridal party and some of the equipment for your wedding just like minibus.


Limousine or town car, is also a nice choice even the looks is not too dated it is still fits in your ideal vintage wedding ideas. The advantage of renting one is, it is easy to find and has a different variety to choose from and which limousine is one of the popular cars in any wedding events.


Classic vintage cars, like the American muscle cars or English cars are the vintage cars that will suit on this type of classic vintage cars for your wedding event. Choosing this type of wedding cars can cost you enough money, but the advantages of having one will guarantee an awesome look and can caught the attention of your guest. Having one will add a more stylish to your wedding and having a great photo to shot.


Bicycles or a pedicab, if you are on a tight budget but still you want to have a vintage wedding theme, then riding one of this old fashioned bicycles or pedicab is the best thing for you.


Decorating your wedding vintage transport is the common way to do to your wedding car, the most common is the placing the bouquet of flower over the hood with the matching red ribbon attached to it. And an added effect to the decoration will be placing the "JUST MARRIED" banner at the back of the car and with an attached trailing tin cans too.